Caughey Preston, a safe, secure and loving rest home for elderly people.
Caughey Preston, accommodation for elderly people.

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It was the dream of Marianne Caughey Smith-Preston to provide a safe and loving home for elderly people from all walks of life. She died in 1938 and provided for a trust for this purpose in her will.

As a non-profit organisation Caughey Preston’s prime objective, since its opening in 1950, has been to deliver care that is second to none, in an environment where clients and their families have been our key focus.

Sadly that time has now come to an end. The Trust is exiting Residential Care service provision.

In time to come the Trust will find a new direction within the spirit of the Trust Deed.

Until then, thank you to each and every family who have chosen us over the years to care for their loved ones, and thank you to the hundreds of staff who have worked with us.